Wedding Celebration in Newport, Shropshire

The marquee design shown above is a layout for a very luxurious wedding for 150 guests.

The marquee is two separate tents combined, a 9m wide x 12m reception bar marquee adjoining to a 12m wide x 27m long main marquee.

The entrance door brings the guests into the reception marquee with a convenient 25ft bar to the right hand side, and an impressive view to the left with 21m long side on windows.

Walking through the reception area, there is a whole 12m opening for the guests to enter the main marquee.

Dining tables are laid out in a symmetrical fashion with a long top table on the back wall. The cake table on the left and a door to right.

The rear second door to give the guests access to the toilets and a small 3m x 6m marquee where a hog roast is set up.

For the meal the guest come and collect there food from the buffet outside and return to their tables. This way the guest can enjoy a hog roast in a formal meal style without the mess, smoke and smell that they usually create.

To the side of the tables is the dancing area with a suitable size parquet wooden dance floor under starlight linings. This backs on a partition which hides the kitchen area for the food to be cooked and prepared.

Wedding Celebration in Newport, Shropshire

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