Wedding Celebration in Lymm, Cheshire

This design was for a wedding celebration for 200 guest in the day with an additional 75 in the evening.

This plan uses several different marquees combined together to create the prefect area the client was looking for. The marquee dimensions area as follows:

Decking area (2 x 6m x 6m Pagodas / Chinese hats): Open sided with decking underneath acting as a porch area to welcome guests on first arrival

Reception Marquee (12m x 12m): Frame Marquee connected to the two pagodas, with windows on 2 sides, 1 side open into the main marquee. This was filled with stylish sofas and low tables for guests to relax on throughout the wedding. The 15ft Bar was also placed in this marquee opporstie the entrance.

WC / Bar Storage (12m x 6m): An extension leading off from the reception marquee was a area split into 2 sections. A 9m x 6m area for the toilet facilities, this was decorated as a cloakroom complete with a mirror, flip flops for the ladies tired feat and a selection of perfumes and aftershaves. The remaining 3m x 6m area was sectioned off to use for bar storage allowing the staff to maintain their excellent service.

Dining / Dancing Marquee (12m x 18m & 12m x 9m): The main marquee area could be accessed off from the reception marquee. The dancing area was initially hidden behind a curtain and then revealed in the evening. The dining area was open and was decorated with light ivory linings with windows installed on two of the walls to make the area light and neutral for the daytime celebrations. The top table was placed looking onto the rest of the dining table with its back to the catering area. This was accessed by the catering staff through a discreet blind.

The dancing area contrasted the dining area, dressed completely in black starlight linings it was hidden by the curtain until the dark evening when it was revealed as a nightclub style theme. The dance floor was centrally position with the band on a stage on the gable wall. To one side was the lighting and sound desk the other corner was the DJ booth. Down the side was several modern bar high cocktail tables with matching stools.

Catering Marquee (6m x 9m): Behind the main marquee was the catering area, finished with necessary work tops and cookers. The catering area had a bind access to the main marquee as well as an external access to their vehicles.

Wedding Celebration in Lymm, Cheshire

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